SUMMER  Session Registration OPEN!!!

Spring Session Dates are 5/11/19-8/02/19

To register for tournaments and events, please click on EVENTS tab above.



Lucy Jackman * El Dorado High School * UCSB

Shanna Zuanich * HBHS  * La Salle College

Nicca Fallah * HBHS * UCSD

Courtney Heydorff * HBHS * UCSB

Lindsey Potter * La Habra HS * UCSB

Camille Lyter*Mira Costa HS* Saint Francis College

Aristiana Modica* Long Beach Poly* Pacific



Youth Introduction to Swim and Water Polo

Registering all year long! Join the fun!

Click the link for Splashball on the events page



Christina Mullane- Youth Zone Team, NTSC selection and Nick Johnson Award

Shanna Davidson-Cadet Zone Team, NTSC selection

Otto Nash-Cadet Zone Team, NTSC Selection

Everett Rowden-Cadet Zone Team

Joseph Kent-Development Zone Team, NTSC selection

Christian Hammonds-Development Zone team

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