Team Gear for Boys is available at  SR Sport online store for HBWPC. 

To order your boy's suits please follow these instructions:

FIRST: Go to and create an account:

1.       Click on “My Account” located just below “Chat Now 24/7” at the top middle of the page.

2.       Click on the “Create a New Account” link.

3.       Fill in the requested info under “Personal Details”, including your Team Page Activation Code as HBC.

4.       Fill in the requested info under “Shipping Details”.

5.       Click on “Create My Account”.

6.       Click on “Verify Team Account” to confirm that your Team Account Status is successfully verified.

7.       Click on the SR Sport logo diamond to refresh page

8.       Click on “Team Pages”, then “Huntington Beach Water Polo Club” and you are ready to start shopping


Team Gear for GIRLS is Now Available through Turbo.  Order by March 24th. Store will close at that time. Orders will be shipped directly to the address provided.

Click the link below to order.