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SUMMER SESSION May 13- July 31


Below are tentative tournaments planned for Spring Session. We will be filling in dates as soon as they are confirmed. These events are what we know now. Additional tournaments may be added as opportunities present themselves. Player registrations are requested up to 30 days prior to the tournament date, when possible, so club entries can be finalized by host deadlines. Actual tournament participation is dependent on timely player commitments and may change at any time. Registration deadlines and links are dependent on information provided by the host club and will be posted as soon as we receive that information. In the event there are not enough players or too many players for a division, coaches will determine rosters and/or refunds may be offered.  Also note that the tournament prices could possibly decrease based on the number of players that register.  These changes will be determined at the end of the session accounting, and a credit towards the next session may be offered who attended all the tournaments.



Event Date


Players Register By

Tune-Up Cup

Sailor Cup

Laguna Beach Invite

Scrimmage vs San Clemente

May 11,12


May 17,18,19

May 25

14U boys, HS Boys

12U Girl, 14U Girls, 14 U Boys

16U Girls, 18U Girls

Youth Boys and Girls











12U Boys Only


JO QUALS YOUNGERS 5/31-6/2 12U Girls, 12U Boys, 14U Girls, 14U Boys  May 10
Big Foot Older 6/1-6/2 18U Girls, 16U Girls HS Boys May 10
Newport Tourn 6/8 16 Girls, 18 Girls May 15
Villa Park tournament 6/15-6/16 16/18 girls not playing with their High School Summer Team May 20
Big Foot Younger 6/15-6/16 12 Boys, 12 Girls, 14 Boys, 14 Girls  May 20
JO Quals Olders 6/21,22,23 18 Girls, 16 Girls, HS Boys May 15

Northwood Summer Series HS Boys

US Club Champs


UCSB Scrimmage


John Hale

6/30, 7/17






July 12/13/14

High School Boys

18 Girls, 16 Girls, 14 Boys, 12 Boys


All HS Girls Rising Sophomores and up

10U Co-Ed

June 10


June 2


July 1


June 25